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Ann Arbor Masonry Repair

Free Estimates for Concrete Masonry Repair

Mortar It Up Masonry LLC specializes in professional masonry repair for the exterior facing of any residential or commercial property in Ann Arbor. We offer free estimates and a professional inspection of all types of masonry work to ensure the structural integrity of your property that includes any exterior or interior concrete components of your home or business.

Prompt Masonry Repairs Are Essential

Although the stonework on the facing of your property definitely provides many long term benefits, its porous composition is subject to water infiltration. Well-crafted masonry work will withstand deterioration for many years, however prompt and skilled attention to water absorption problems must be addressed immediately to avoid permanent structural damage.

Inspection and Repair of Your Stonework

Home buyers and builders are increasingly turning to earth-friendly construction methods that include masonry products. Now, more than ever, maintaining the stone and concrete elements of your property can significantly increase its value and makes good ecological sense. The expert craftsmen at Mortar It Up Masonry LLC provide masonry restoration and upgrades for all outside veneers, and interior brick or stone facets of any residential or commercial property in the Ann Arbor region.

Consult with the specialists at Mortar It Up Masonry LLC for professional masonry repair

When you call Mortar It Up Masonry LLC for a consultation for repair on your stonework, you are assured of honest and reliable recommendations based only on the most necessary and immediate repairs you may require. We regularly offer clients in Ann Arbor a choice of several service options suited to their budget. Mortar It Up Masonry LLC guarantees all of our masonry work and provides estimates for masonry projects of any size. Call (419) 217-5481 for a free consultation and to learn more about preserving your stonework professionally.